How would you use Italian white truffle olive oil?

I brought back some white truffle oil from Umbria. I previously turned my nose up at truffle oil, which always smelled rancid to me, but this is amazing. The Italian grandma at the house I stayed in introduced me to it. She put it in morning omelettes. I will need to use the bottle in a few months after opening, so I could use some ideas.

  • Posted by: lloreen
  • August 11, 2019


PHIL August 12, 2019
1) Good Pasta, Parmesan cheese , butter , truffle oil, toss and enjoy
2) serve in a shallow dish, add a few drops of balsamic vinegar (or not) red pepper flakes, serve on a cheeseboard with some nice toasted bread.
3) make a mushroom cream sauce, add some oil at the end . serve over chicken breasts or pasta
GFDRB August 12, 2019
Add to popped popcorn, sautéed mushrooms, omelettes or mash into hard boiled eggs, drizzle on pizza, or potato based frittata. In all cases, add after cooking. It goes wonderfully with egg, mushroom or potato based dishes.
Nicole August 11, 2019
The obvious low hanging fruit suggestion here would be homemade French fries, as “truffle fries” seem to be a ubiquitous appetizer in my neck of the woods, but personally I think that cooking the truffle oil at the heat needed to fry the potato is going to kills most, of not all, of the delicate truffle flavor.

I am personally not a huge user of truffles, in fact I don’t think that I’ve ever cooked with them in any form! But I would imagine that this kind of olive oil would lend itself well to a risotto!
marianne August 11, 2019
I agree with Nicole about the fries, but the way I’ve had them prepared is the oil drizzled on top as a finisher, not as the cooking method.
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