Would panko work for the coarse breadcrumbs? I have regular and whole wheat versions.



Amanda H. September 25, 2013
Thanks June, Pegeen, and Monita -- I appreciate you weighing in. And I agree, panko is fine!
ChefJune September 25, 2013
I was about to say the same thing, Pegeen. This is such a delicious way to use the bounty of summer squash. And the Salsa Verde is so good for many additional uses. Panko is a handy item to have on hand for quick toppings.
Pegeen September 25, 2013
Panko works fine - that's what I used and the dish was delicious. I'd recommend regular Panko instead of whole wheat for flavor reasons.
Monita September 25, 2013
I think Panko would be fine. I often sub panko for bread crumbs
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