A question about a recipe: Summer Squash Gratin with Salsa Verde and Gruyere

I have a question about step 6 on the recipe "Summer Squash Gratin with Salsa Verde and Gruyere" from amanda. It says:

"Place the squash in a pretty 9-by-9-inch (or equivalent) gratin dish (I used a skillet). Scatter the remaining breadcrumbs over the top, and bake 35 to 40 minutes, until the squash is tender and the top is crisp."

Any reason I can't do this as a tart? I'm thinking a millet tart crust...



TheWimpyVegetarian June 15, 2011
The tart turned out great, HLA! I just made the filling as the recipe calls for and put it in a blind-baked tart shell. Great presentation and flavors! I'll be making this one a lot this summer, I can tell. I highly recommend it!
hardlikearmour June 15, 2011
How did your tart turnout?
chubbybaguette June 15, 2011
Maybe add a beaten egg to bind the mixture for easier cutting and solidify the squash juices.
Amanda H. June 10, 2011
Sam1148 -- yes that's a good idea.
Sam1148 June 10, 2011
What an excellent idea! I planed to make this weekend. Now, I'm thinking it might be a tart.
Would you think docking and prebaking the crust a good thing with high moisture content of the squash?
TheWimpyVegetarian June 10, 2011
Thanks! I'm thinking this is dinner tonight with a big salad! Now I can't wait for dinner.
Amanda H. June 10, 2011
Yes, you can definitely do it as a tart!
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