A question about a recipe: Summer Squash Gratin with Salsa Verde and Gruyere. What is the best variety of mint to grow for use in this dish?

I.e., what plant name should I ask for when I go to an herb nursery to buy mint for this? I live in a cool marine climate if that makes any difference. And the plant will be in a large terra cotta pot with some full sun. Thank you so much. ;o)



Bevi June 28, 2011
I was given a chocolate mint plant that I use regularly. The leaves are curly, and makes delicious mint julips as well!
Cathy E. June 27, 2011
It's all up to you! I have about six different mint varieties growing all summer long (best part, mint is perennial, so it'll bounce right back in the spring if you let it out all winter). There's tons to choose from, and the flavors vary greatly. "Spearmint" is the most common variety, the one you'll find when recipes just call for "mint." But I have a healthy chocolate mint (it smells like chocolate) and pineapple mint (ditto, for pineapple) plant too that makes an interesting twist on the expected, while still minty!
chubbybaguette June 15, 2011
There is a type called Kentucky Colonel that I find good with both drinks and food. And I have the only soil that mint doesn't like. I keep trying tho.....
Kate's K. June 12, 2011
Spearmint for sure!
ChefJune June 10, 2011
I have spearmint in my front yard, and that's what I use for everything. No matter how hard you try to contain it, it WILL escape the pot! (Unless you hang that pot up on a hook)
drbabs June 10, 2011
I like spearmint better than peppermint in most things, so that's what I would ask for. Keep it contained in a pot, or you'll never be able to control it in your garden. (One of those school of hard knocks lessons of gardening...)
hardlikearmour June 10, 2011
@ Merrill: mint doesn't require much of a green thumb. It's seriously a weed, albeit a delicious one!
hardlikearmour June 10, 2011
I'd suggest smelling +/- tasting the crushed mint leaves of several varieties to see what you like best. I have a spearmint which is fairly sweet and mild, and an orange mint which is spicier with a slight citrus flavor. Beware, though, even in a terra cotta pot it can escape - I've had roots go out the bottom drainage hole as well as seeds that have sprouted away from the pot.
Merrill S. June 10, 2011
I've never had much of a green thumb, so your guess is likely better than mine. I usually use store-bought spearmint.
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