Does anyone have a recipe for dutch apple pie... not Pennsylvania Dutch, but like.. Netherlands Dutch.

A few years ago on our first night visiting Amsterdam, a friend of a friend served us the best apple pie. It was deep-dish (springform pan) style, with an almost cookie-like crust, and filled with apples and raisins. When I raved about it and asked for the recipe, they said "recipe? this is just standard apple pie..." All my searches for Dutch Apple Pie, however, lead to Pennsylvania Dutch, which is quite different. Anyone have a family recipe from Holland!? Thanks!

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HalfPint September 26, 2013
There's also this,
and this,
Loves F. September 26, 2013
These are so helpful! Appeltaart! Thank you!
HalfPint September 26, 2013
Was it something like this?
Loves F. September 26, 2013
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