How long should I steam whole Brussels sprouts, 12oz? Thanks much



dotparker September 30, 2013
Thank you both very much! Pierino, If I could bother you further? I have heard about the smaller sized veggies be the most flavorful. Does this apply to a lot of different veggies? Thanks again!
pierino September 30, 2013
Dotparker, I'd rather not generalize too much. It's just my own personal taste, but anytime I see really tiny brussels sprouts at the farmers market or at the supermarket I grab as many as I can carry. To my palate they really do taste better.
pierino September 30, 2013
To add to the advice from Chris, it also depends on the size of the sprouts. I look for the smallest I can find. I seek out ones that are now wider than your index fingernail. I think those taste best and they do cook mighty fast.
Greenstuff September 30, 2013
About 5 minutes, maybe a bit longer, but if you make them often, you'll stop looking at the clock and just poke them with a fork. When the fork goes in, they're done.

Cooking time shortens a bit if you cut the Brussels sprouts in half.
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