Damson plum kernels: I just pickled some damson plums, after cutting in half and removing the stones. What should I do with the kernels inside? ;o)

I have about twenty of them. (And they're so tiny.) Thank you, everyone. ;o)



HalfPint October 1, 2013
@hardlikearmour, actually, cooking only partially destroys the cyanogenic glycosides (which gets broken down into cyanide). There's still cyanide that can be released when the kernal is crushed (eg. chewing). But one or two will not kill you and the pit has to be crushed to release the cyanide. So using it as a flavoring and then removing the kernels so be ok. But most of the literature out there says to limit consumption.

hardlikearmour October 1, 2013
Thanks, HalfPint! I certainly wouldn't want anyone to get sick or worse.
aargersi October 1, 2013
How cool I have never heard of such a thing! And now I must try using them!
Maedl October 1, 2013
I think using the kernels to flavor jam or canned plums is fine, but I wouldn't eat them, at least not in any quantity. Plums and other stone fruits such as peaches, nectarines, and bitter almonds contain chemicals related to cyanide.
hardlikearmour October 1, 2013
True, but cooking them causes the toxic compounds to break down and become harmless.
HalfPint October 1, 2013
I've read that you can put them into your jam for extra flavor.
hardlikearmour October 1, 2013
I recently read an article with some interesting uses for stone fruit kernels. http://www.oregonlive.com/foodday/index.ssf/2013/08/savor_the_flavor_using_the_pit.html
Droplet October 1, 2013
You can put them in a small jar of alcohol of your choice and let them flavor it.
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