Has anyone ever pickled non-ume plums? Or any other kind of stone fruit? If so, how did they turn out?

I'm looking to pickle plums and achieve somewhat of an umeboshi-type (Japanese pickled plums) result. Has this worked for anyone? Would anyone advise using regular, store-bought plums for a similar result? Or had success pickling any stone fruit? Lots of questions, I know. Thank you!

Celeste Scollan


Talia R. August 7, 2014
We've got a great pickling primer that is worth a read before embarking on any and all pickling adventures:


Good luck!
Liza's K. August 7, 2014
Hi Celeste, I haven't pickled non-ume plums before, but this article seems to spell out everything you need to know: http://justhungry.com/homemade-umeboshi-japanese-pickled-plums. There are quite a few troubleshooting tips and substitution notes.
Celeste S. August 7, 2014
Great resource--thank you!
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