Whats the best thing to do with leftover Roast Pork Shoulder?



healthierkitchen December 1, 2010

Just made this with turkey but it would be great with pork too! Delicious.
askann November 30, 2010
Maybe enchiladas with tomatillo-based sauce.
prettyPeas November 30, 2010
I'll definitely be making the chinese celery pork lo mein because of these answers, but I'd like to add that some of my favorite leftovers from roast pork shoulder involve crisping it up a little bit, such as on a broccoli raab/pulled pork pizza or some sort of carnitas imitation (okay, usually nachoes in the oven). Also, sandwiches with shredded pork, reheated in the oven can also develop the delicious crispness--maybe with some mushrooms, a little provalone, and some bitter greens.
wtbryce November 30, 2010
Pork fried rice (per Bittman recipe -- http://query.nytimes.com/gst/fullpage.html?res=9A00E7DC1F31F93AA15753C1A9659C8B63)

And I second:

1) cuban sandwich (pressed on Italian bread with prosciutto, swiss cheese, and I like pickled peppers); and
2) posole (epicurious has good recipes for both green and red and I'm sure here as well.
jenmmcd November 29, 2010
Depending on how the pork is seasoned.... Dice some onion and lightly carmelize. Add cubed sweet potato and some cumin and s + p. Once potatoes are soft, add leftover pork. Cook a fried egg to add to the top. Serve with some hot sauce or a bit of green chili. I like the sweet of the potatoes with the salty pork and egg.
casa-giardino November 29, 2010
Saute' some hot red and green peppers and add in shredded pork meat. Add some black, cured olives and serve.
Kayb November 29, 2010
Pork quesadillas. Egg rolls. Cuban sandwiches. In a frittata with eggs. Seasoning a pot of beans. Leftover pork shoulder is good in almost anything, except possibly ice cream. :)
Jon P. November 29, 2010
If there is an accompanying sauce of any kind, shredded meats and their stewy sauces are a great accompaniment to eggs. Nothing like the great, savory goodness of a good slow-cooked meat with its juices or sauce with an egg dropped in the middle and "poached" in it.
pierino November 29, 2010
Pierino likes lo mein!
AntoniaJames November 29, 2010
I'd shred it and use it in thirshfeld's http://www.food52.com/recipes/4005_shredded_pork_and_chinese_celery_lo_mein.

If you go to that recipe and read the comments, you'll see that I've made it many times and added a lot of comments. It's easily one of my top-10 food52 recipes in 2010. ;o)
Veronica S. May 6, 2019
I have found some nice new recipes (like this one) and FOOD52 because of your comments. Great tips, thanks! :)
AntoniaJames May 9, 2019
I'm glad to hear that, Veronica. Thank you.
pierino November 29, 2010
If you have access to good Mexican seasonings, tacos or burritos would work. A hominy (pozole) stew perhaps? A cuban sandwich?

It's a great ingredient, so you have lots of possibilties. Personally I would be tempted to riff on Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich just as a total insult to everything Philadelphia.
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