What sides would you serve with this for a special meal, e.g., Christmas dinner? (Make-aheads especially appreciated.) Thank you, everyone. ;o)

Pancetta-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin
Recipe question for: Pancetta-Wrapped Pork Tenderloin


mensaque October 11, 2013
In Brazil,the traditional Christmas dinner consists on turkey and/or pork tenderloin or ham.So I'm gonna fill you in the details for side dishes,so maybe you can have a Tropical Christmas.We usually have potato salad with carrots,mayo,chives and parsley.And a touch of olive oil.White rice,but we don't make it quite like you do.First we rinse the rice to get rid of the extra starch,then it goes to the hot pan with some olive oil and miced garlic to sauté for a minute,stirring all the time so it won't burn.Then for each cup of rice you add two cups of water.Add salt and let it simmer till all the water has dried.About 20 min.Turn the heat off,put a lid on and leave for another 10 min. or so.Perfect every time.Last but not least:"farofa".Brazillian food at it's best.I love farofa.It's made with yucca meal.(Not tapioca...it's a dry meal that may be toasted or not,looks like bread crumbs but it's made of cassava.)There's lots of variations for farofa,but for x-mas the one we use is made by frying some thin onion slices in butter,then add some garlic and bacon bits.Also the giblets from the turkey,but since you're having pork I would trade it for sliced portuguese sausage.When the onions get soft and the meats are fried,add a few eggs.1 small egg for each cup of meal.Scramble them,add the yucca meal and keep stirring.Fix the salt and add some pepper.The eggs are optional,some people like to add them because it makes the farofa less dry.You can also add raisins.Appart from that we serve peaces, pineapple,walnuts,boilled chestnuts,and believe it or not:french toast...The portugese version called "rabanadas" with lots of sugar and cinnamon on top.Merry X-mas in advance,Antonia.
ChefJune October 11, 2013
Now you have me thinking Pork Loin Roast for Christmas... so many great ideas!
ZombieCupcake October 11, 2013
Cornbread, roast Brussels sprouts with bacon and onion, warm potato salad, and cranberry chutney
ATG117 October 10, 2013
Ps I meant a savory crostata
savorthis October 10, 2013
We often make a root tarte tatin which could incorporate the recommendations for sweet potatoes and beets as well as a flakey crust that could be assembled ahead/baked at the last minute. This one looks great: http://food52.com/recipes/2404-savory-tarte-tatin-with-winter-vegetables
ATG117 October 9, 2013
Another vote for sweet potatoes. I'd do a mash, cubed and roasted, or even a sweet crostata, which you can make the dough for ahead of time. For other make aheads, what about a great fall soup? Sautéed cabbage or Sautée apples might also go well with the
pork. A rice dish may be another nice starch, which may freeze better than sweet potatoes.
healthierkitchen October 9, 2013
what about your butternut squash and parsnip puree? I make that every year for a day after Thanksgiving buffet. It counteracts a salty, porky dish nicely! Then a green dish or two - brussels or green beans, and a wintry salad with persimmons and/or apples.
aargersi October 9, 2013
Um, I make YOUR roasted carrot and beet salad every Thanksgiving! I roast and shred them in advance an assemble at the last minute so the colors hold. It's always gone - sooo good !!!

A savory bread pudding might be good? Again, put the whole thing together the night before then day of it's just bake and serve.
Valentina S. October 9, 2013
If you're not doing the radicchio (or don't care about having another similar green around) I have a recipe for braised cabbage and caramelized onions that begs to go with pork. If you don't want a pancetta overload you can try the vegetarian version: http://goo.gl/n1qLHm

Otherwise I second all those who suggested potatoes and sweet potatoes. A super simple way of preparing potatoes is pan-roasted pieces with butter and parsley.

Another great side is balsamic onions. Steam some flat onions until tender-ish, then drizzle wit salt, pepper, olive oil and balsamic glaze and bake until soft and slightly caramelized. Love them.
Pegeen October 9, 2013
I've often used this recipe for roasted root vegetables with pork. The light maple glaze would complement the salty pancetta on the tenderloin.
Bevi October 9, 2013
Also, homemade applesauce!
Bevi October 9, 2013
Assuming too much pancetta is not a bad thing: I have made this warm bean salad for 2 years running as a Xmas dinner side. It can be made in advance, you can sub a different salty meat for pancetta, and it is simply delicious. http://food52.com/recipes/13923-warm-salad-with-cherry-tomato-haricot-vert-and-pancetta
EmilyC October 9, 2013
Oh yes, I agree with June, Brussels sprouts would be great. This pork and radicchio with sprouts, sweet potatoes, and perhaps a cauliflower puree (for a nice textural contrast) would be so delicious. Hmm, I'm thinking I'll steal this for my next dinner party!
ChefJune October 9, 2013
I also suggest sweet potatoes. A roasted melange of sweet potatoes, brussels sprouts and pearl onions would taste great and provide color, texture and variety. I love sweet potatoes with pork.
Franziska October 9, 2013
You could also with what is very traditionally German for Christmas and do Red Cabbage as a side (we eat it with every kind of meat/sausage & gravy plus some sort of potato dish). This recipe actually looks good (I would use red wine instead of beer though) http://food52.com/recipes/7856-grandma-netta-s-red-cabbage
EmilyC October 9, 2013
If you're making the roasted radicchio, I'd balance the bitter with something sweet, like sweet potatoes. I make these brown butter-roasted sweet potatoes every holiday; you could leave the bacon out since you've got two kinds of pork in the main dish! http://food52.com/recipes/14515-brown-butter-roasted-sweet-potatoes-with-arugula-and-bacon
Franziska October 9, 2013
How about Boston Baked Beans, Green Beans (you could pre-wrap them in Pancetta, it is Christmas after all and would be a good tie-in to the main) & Rosemary Potatoes.
The Boston Baked Beans you could make a couple days ahead, which will save you some time come Christmas day.
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