Secret Santa Swap

I do hope we're doing the Secret Santa Swap this year as well. Its nearing that time of the year!



luvcookbooks October 27, 2013
Was a dream both years, both receiving and giving, including notes (some virtual).
Dona October 25, 2013
I never got an acknowledgment of my gift either. I was so disappointed! But it was still fun.
SeaJambon October 25, 2013
Agreed! I've had great fun with this in prior years and hope to participate again this!
ZombieCupcake October 24, 2013
That sounds fun! Count me in if you decide to do it.
ChefJune October 24, 2013
How did I miss that? How does one sign up?
CarlaCooks October 24, 2013
I hope it happens again as well! Unfortunately, I never received a gift last year, and the person I sent a gift to didn't bother to send a thank you note :( I hope I have better luck this year!
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