who sells the highest quality truffle salt?... or who sells the truffle salt with the most percentage of truffles mixed in?



Erin August 13, 2017
Aside from the World Spice Black 10% Black Truffle salt, I also like Sel Avec Truffe Blanche by Selezione Tartufi
Erin August 13, 2017
Www.worldspice.com sells salt with 10% black truffles. I'd love to find a salt with 20% truffles (white or black). Never buy truffle salt without a truffle percentage.
hardlikearmour November 3, 2013
Jacobsen Salt Company makes a truffle salt with Italian white truffles. The chunks of truffle are visible & you don't have to open the jar to smell them. http://jacobsensalt.com/shop-2/regalis-italian-white-truffle-salt/
Erin August 13, 2017
Jacobson uses a "tincture" ...
JayRoCleveland November 3, 2013
You are correct, most of the inexpensive truffle oils do not contain actual truffle. Read the label - if the only ingredients are olive oil and dried truffle you will pay for it! As far as the Tentazioni truffle salt I mentioned above - it is made with summer truffle, but since the robust flavor has not diminished one bit since I purchased it last March I stand by my recommendation.
Nancy H. November 3, 2013
The flavor you taste is probably not a true truffle flavor but rather a chem lab concoction made to resemble fresh truffles. At least that's true of truffle oil and I suspect the same goes for truffle salt (I'm actually not familiar with that product). Remember it was not for nothing that Moliere titled his play Tartuffe, or The Imposter!
magpiebaker October 30, 2013
It's probably true that truffle salt can't compare to fresh truffles, but I was given a jar of Italian Products brand Black Truffle Salt, and it held up well. I thought its flavor was fairly strong, and that the flavorful oils actually were absorbed by the salt.

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pierino October 29, 2013
The correct answer would be NOBODY. The truffles used, and I know people in the business, are 99% of the time "estivi" which means summer truffles. The bits look like truffle but with barely any flavor, and whatever flavor it began with vanishes quickly especially in a salt environment.
Erin August 13, 2017
Tartuffi Neri Estivi ARE truffles
pierino August 13, 2017
It's true that the estivi are truffles but the flavor doesn't come close to the plumper ones that become available in the autumn.
JayRoCleveland October 29, 2013
Tentazioni is excellent - lots of truffle flavor.
Dana October 29, 2013
I don't remember the brand but if you have a home goods near you they have it. I believe it starts with m
cookbookchick October 29, 2013
Home Goods/TJMaxx/Marshall's -- all the same company. I have bought truffle salt TJMaxx.
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