Just got some artisanal truffle salt as a gift - what are some yummy ways to use it?



London_Eats October 18, 2013
How about salted chocolate truffles with real truffle...works with a dark chocolate. Just be careful how much you use...you want to get just a hint of the earthy flavour, but not too much.
Rebecca V. October 16, 2013
popcorn! with lots of butter
Meaghan F. October 18, 2013
A restaurant in downtown Philadelphia that I love does truffled popcorn as a bar snack an it is AMAZING. I've tried to make it myself at home with truffle oil and it was never quite the same; I didn't think to use butter and truffle salt though!!
pierino October 16, 2013
Good answers so far. Flatbreads, cutlets etc. The important thing is to hit them with the salt while the dish is still hot. Unfortunately truffle salt (depending on the truffle used) will give you a pleasing smell once the jar is first opened but it tends to dissipate, sadly, over a fairly short period of time.
HalfPint October 16, 2013
My favorite use for truffle salt is on baked potato. It provides a such richness that I don't even feel the need to add butter.

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Tony S. October 16, 2013
There are tons of uses for truffle salt. The general rule of thumb is to use it like you would use truffle oil keeping in mind to hold back on salting the dish until you can taste the effect of the truffle salt.

I use it in the following ways; always using it at the last minute because you can cook the flavor out of it:

Scrambled and sunny side up eggs
Sprinkled on roasted/sauteed mushrooms
Finishing salt for steak
Sprinkling on pizza- my favorite is a white pizza with mushrooms, arugula, olive oil, and gruyere.
Sprinkle on homemade french fries fresh out of the fryer. You could also add a little parmigiano and chopped chive to make them extra fancy.
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