Can I put the mashed potatoes on a shepherd's Pie a couple of hours in advance?

pat sanders


Pegeen November 3, 2013
Hi Monita and Pat. No problem doing the meat portion and the taties separately or together. Both methods work fine.
Monita November 3, 2013
I defer to Pegeen on this. Sounds like a good plan
Pegeen November 3, 2013
Yes, no problem. (Monita is the best, but this is my experience making hundreds of shepherd's pies over the years.)

Just pile the mashed potatoes on to the top of the beef/lamb mixture, cover tightly with tin foil and refrigerate until ready to bake. Give it at least 30 minutes to un-chill before you put it in the oven.

For decadence, about 30 minutes before "done" time, make a few indents in the potatoes with a knife and poke small pieces of butter into the indents.
Monita November 3, 2013
I would wait to put the mashed potatoes on until before you bake it. You can make the mashed potatoes in advance and just hold them separately
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