What is the best way to store homemade croutons? I have about a half a large loaf of my barley bread (a fairly fine-crumbed sandwich loaf) which I plan to cut into cubes and then toast in the oven, lightly tossed with olive oil, crushed garlic and salt. We'll have far more than we need for our salads in the next few days so I'd appreciate any suggestions you might have for keeping them longer. Should I freeze them? Help!! Thanks so much. ;o)



amreiskitchen February 3, 2011
the wonderful freezer is my choice. freezer bags and you are ready for soups and salads until the cows come home.
RobertaJ February 3, 2011
Yep. Freeze 'em. Or freeze the bread ends, and then defrost, cut and dry for the croutons. But either way, the freezer is your buddy.
latoscana February 2, 2011
Another freezer fan here. They thaw almost instantly. Not surprisingly, I find that I toss them in soups and salads a lot more when they readily available.
testkitchenette February 2, 2011
I freeze mine as well in a large zip top bag.
spiffypaws February 2, 2011
Freezing is what I do. When thawed, you can refresh in the oven for about 3 minutes.
drbabs February 2, 2011
I freeze them, too.
SpecialSka February 2, 2011
So funny--I just made croutons today with some sourdough bread. I just freeze them in a plastic bag and they seem to do just fine. I take them out as I need them, and they thaw quickly and are ready to go. They really can't dry out much, since they already are pretty dry. Enjoy!!
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