What kind of recipes (sophisticated or not) can I make with Four Loko?



froggy186 December 3, 2010
Hehe thanks @thirschfeld! Maybe I can soak some pineapple, mango, and coconut in Four Loko since it tastes like Sweet Tarts and call it Moco Loco V2.
betteirene December 2, 2010
If you find something, make it quick. It's been banned here in WA.
Nora December 2, 2010
Why not just chug the Loko in bed, to save all the dirty dishes and the risk of drowning in the gravy before you can make it back to bed?

V. funny, y'all.
thirschfeld December 2, 2010
Pretty much except Moco Loco is a Hawaiin breakfast dish minus the Four Loko.
hardlikearmour December 2, 2010
Thirschfeld, your answer made me laugh out loud. Did you just make that up on the fly?
thirschfeld December 2, 2010
Moco Loko. A bowl of cooked rice, hot, chicken gravy, 3 slices of fried spam and 2 fried eggs and a tablespoon of cilantro. Bowl up the rice, top with the gravy, fried spam and then the egs. Chug the Loko, eat breakfast and go back to sleep.
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