Tips for squeezing water out of spinach?

I need to make a lot of spinach gratin for the upcoming Hannukah and Thanksgiving holiday period. Lizthechef's recipe, posted on this site:

I know how to squeeze spinach by hand but does anyone have any tips on speeding up the process for larger quantities? As recommended by the recipe and reader comments, the spinach will be defrosted frozen, not fresh spinach. Thank you!

  • Posted by: Pegeen
  • November 17, 2013


Pegeen November 18, 2013
Thank you, June. I love the dish but dread the chore.
ChefJune November 18, 2013
I dump the spinach into a clean tea towel and squeeze the bejeezus out of it. It's the fastest way I've figured out to get the spinach really dry.
Pegeen November 18, 2013
She swears it works for lettuces. I'm thinking it might not work so well for finely-chopped spinach. I'm going with the ricer tip!
Pegeen November 17, 2013
Thanks Rachel. Believe it or not, I've also heard a tip to put large quantities of greens in a pillow case, then on the spin cycle in a (dry) washing machine.
Rachel P. November 18, 2013
If that works that is absolutely genius mental. If it doesn't, that is just plain mental.
Rachel P. November 17, 2013
Put it in a salad spinner, then press any excess out between sheets of kitchen towel.
Pegeen November 17, 2013
Dona, thank you! What a great tip.

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Dona November 17, 2013
I use a ricer, it works great .
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