Need a cake recommendation

Making a cake for an uncle as a surprise. I want something that's fairly traditional but that will make him feel very special. I'm comfortable baking but not a wizard.

  • Posted by: missb503
  • November 17, 2013


saeid6780 April 30, 2018
It was better to specify the age of the uncle. But there are things that all men are interested in at least one of them. I write some of these things at the bottom. You can think of them And according to one of them, choose a good cake for baking:
Favorite sports team
Favorite car
Favorite food
favorite hobby
Favorite objects
memory album cake
Birthday number cake
creamtea November 18, 2013
Another vote for sdebrango's Tender Yellow Cake (stuffing the ballot box would be more like it, it's so good): family favorite with chocolate ganache for the makings of Boston Cream Pie.
Maedl November 18, 2013
The only cake that qualifies as a birthday cake in my book is a layered chocolate cake. You can dress it up by adding a contrast flavoring such as orange zest or ginger. Then, apply a dark chocolate icing and decorate with curls of orange peel and shaved chocolate or edible flowers.
Nancy April 30, 2018
Old thread that popped up. My experience making birthday cakes for adults is that 80-90% asked for chocolate. For celebrations, I like Black Forest Cake (schwarzvalder kirschtorte). Chocolate sponge cake, cherry brandy, whipped cream, cherries.
arcane54 November 17, 2013
The Faulknerian Family Spice Cake is a wonderful fall cake. warmly spicy with a magic frosting that is unbelievably easy!
Regine November 17, 2013
You can also try a cake i just added which i served for dessery tonight. It is a butter cake and no icing is needed. I served it with rasberries and whipped cream. Not sure if it is "traditional" though since it has no icing. Check Norwegian Butter Cake.
boulangere November 17, 2013
This one is a long-standing family favorite with quite a story behind it:
ATG117 November 17, 2013
P.S. This question has come up a bunch. For more suggestions, you might search the hotline.
ATG117 November 17, 2013
Amanda's dump-it cake gets a lot of press around here. It's super simple and foolproof. I like the idea of using the contest winning chocolate ganache frosting. I make a very similar salted caramel ganache frosting that is a true winner. If you don't want to do the yellow cake, i usually pair it with a chocolate cake. I use this one:
If you want something more seasonal, I've also had great luck with the applesauce cake with caramel glaze. Te faulknerian spice cake has also been on my list of to-tries
Regine November 17, 2013
Check in Food52 Sdebrango's tender layer yellow cake recipe and her chocolate ganached frosting which won the frosting contest a few days ago.
mensaque November 17, 2013
Whenever I need a new cake recipe I turn to of great easy cakes there.
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