Do you still pre-bake the crust if baking a pumpkin, pecan, or custard type pie?

  • Posted by: JANA L
  • November 22, 2013


sfmiller November 22, 2013
I usually blind-bake crusts of custard-type pies for 10 minutes or so (even if the recipe doesn't call for it), then cool before adding the filling. It helps set the bottom crust before adding the wet filling. You do have to be careful of overbrowning the edges of the crust if you do this, though.
susanne November 22, 2013
definitely depends. my mom used to bake pumpkin pies by first baking the crust in a pie tin and the custard in a pyrex pie plate. just before serving, she'd slide the custard into the crispy, perfect crust. any bit of mess at the edges she dealt with by piping on whipped cream. yum!
Monita November 22, 2013
Can depend on the recipe. I have a pecan and sweet potato pie recipes that I don't pre-bake the crust
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