Can vodka be substituted for any other liquor? I do not keep vodka in the house because I do not like it. I have bourbon, scotch, gin and tequila...


  • Posted by: Jacob
  • December 20, 2014
Cook's Country Pie Crust
Recipe question for: Cook's Country Pie Crust


ChezHenry December 20, 2014
No home should be without vodka! I'm a little skeptical about adding other liquors to the dough. Vodkas neutral flavor make it ideal here, where as the alcohol releases, adds to the flakiness of the crust. Id get some vodka-im sure you or one of your guests will finish it off somehow.
Kristen M. December 20, 2014
Yes, you can choose your liquor based on what you think would go nicely with your filling -- I hear bourbon goes great with apple.
mensaque December 20, 2014
Do you have cachaça?It works great on crusts.If not,I would go with the gin.
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