I'd like to give homemade chocolate truffles as gifts but some will need mailing. How long will they last out of the fridge?



Jaynerly December 5, 2010
Thank you! We are having a cold winter here so they should be safe!
betteirene December 4, 2010
Let's see. . .at five seconds per truffle times 10 truffles per plate, they'd only last less than a minute before I devour them.

I've never managed to keep them around for much longer than a week or so, but they will last three weeks at a room temperature of 70-75 degrees, if they're made from only cream and chocolate. Adding anything else to the ganache, like coconut, butter, flavoring oils, nuts or the like, would either lengthen or shorten the shelf life depending on the ingredient. I keep truffles pure and add flavorings and variations to the coatings.

Their shelf life depends more on temperature than time, so as long as you're not mailing them to Arizone or Iraq, they should be fine.
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