I accidentally left four packages of Philadelphia Cream Cheese out overnight, have they gone bad?

I intend to use the cream cheese later this week for cream cheese icing and a cheesecake.

Laurie Benner Bruderek


Pegeen November 26, 2013
Just to be sure it's understood: I meant NO it is NOT OK.

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Pegeen November 26, 2013
No - See Susan's answer. Cheaper to buy new cream cheese than to pay all the associated hospital bills for food poisoning.
christine November 26, 2013
If ur house is cool and not overheated at night it will probably be okay. Check it in a couple of days and take a sniff and a taste-it will likely be alright. Don't wait until the last minute to make ur dishes so you can run to the store if need be. Good luck!
cratecooking November 26, 2013
The USDA recommends to not leave soft cheeses with high moisture content out of the refrigerator for more than two hours. If you've left it out overnight and it's already past 5pm EST, it's unfortunately been in the "danger zone" for too long and could contain harmful bacteria.
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