Uses for leftover eggnog?

I enjoy having a small amount of eggnog over the holidays but I'm the only one in the house who enjoys it and as it's always sold in larger bottles, there's a lot left over. Are there any clever recipes for leftover eggnog?

  • Posted by: gwen
  • December 3, 2013


catalinalacruz December 8, 2013
My bad -- yes, all the eggnog flavors are there, minus the eggnog.
ellenl December 8, 2013
where is the eggnog?
S December 8, 2013
I'm guessing the vanilla, rum, and nutmeg make it taste like eggnog, plus the cream.
catalinalacruz December 8, 2013
Whoops! I got so distracted remembering how good this cake is, I forgot the link!
catalinalacruz December 8, 2013
Here is a recipe for the most tender eggnog cake ever. It's too bad I only make it once a year. :)
rt21 December 4, 2013
Turn it into a glaze for muffins or a quick bread
Eliz. December 4, 2013
In sum, it works well as a substitute for whole milk or cream in baking. Also consider muffin pans as a destination for your leftover eggnog. Gingerbread or a citrus-flavored quick bread. A custardy-pie filling or flan. British-style rice pudding which requires 2 cups of milk to 1/3 cup short-grain white rice [Epicurious recipe from GOURMET, Dec. 2007; cf. comments dated 3/01/08 ;) for further recommendations]. When the eggnog is still very fresh, you might add frozen fruit to make a smoothie or lasso provided that the spices complement your additions.
ChefJune December 3, 2013
It's great for French Toast. Or, if you have an ice cream freezer, you can freeze it as is as ice cream.
Naina L. December 3, 2013
Mix with some cubed croissants, dried cranberries/raisins, nutmeg and orange zest and make bread-pudding! :)
Erin December 3, 2013
Use it to replace some or all of the milk in your favorite overnight French toast recipe.
HalfPint December 3, 2013
Add some gelatin and make panna cotta-esque pudding or eggnog shots ;)

Pour into popsicle molds and freeze for frozen treat, unless there's a lot of alcohol. I'd make a milkshake or maybe some sort of semi-freddo.
EmilyC December 3, 2013
This eggnog bundt cake is so good:
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