Can I bake in the morning and reheat later in the day? Need to transfer to another location but can't bake it there due to no oven space. I can re...

...heat it though since I'm guessing it'll take less time in the oven. I'll only have about a 15 minute oven window available to me

  • Posted by: liz
  • December 12, 2013
Strata with Sausage and Greens
Recipe question for: Strata with Sausage and Greens


Patti I. December 13, 2013
Bring it cold and use the electric roaster. That is my backup oven for holidays and big meals.
sexyLAMBCHOPx December 12, 2013
Do you own a toaster oven? If so, bring it with you and plug in at your destination to heat up.
liz December 12, 2013
Hi, I'm traveling about 45 minutes and the strata would probably sit for a couple hours after that.. There will be an electric roaster available. Could I use that to bake it? :)
Merrill S. December 12, 2013
That might work, but because of the sausage I'd like to know: 1) how far you'll be traveling and 2) how long the strata would sit at room temperature before serving?
ChefJune December 12, 2013
Even if you've baked it thoroughly earlier in the day, 15 minutes in the oven will not be enough to heat it through. OTOH, some stratas are delicious at room temp. I'm hoping Merrill will weigh in on that factor for this one. So if you bake it just before leaving, and carry it to its destination HOT, I'm thinking it will be tasty served at the temp it will be when you get there. The ones I've made have worked well that way.
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