I'm looking at a recipe that is very specific about using mint oil (as opposed to peppermint oil). I've never heard of mint oil and cannot lo

Has anyone ever used it?

Chef Lisa


Maedl December 14, 2013
If it’s a chocolate candy, a peppermint oil would be fine. Peppermint and chocolate is a marriage made in heaven. But I’d be willing to try the bergamot or spearmint to see how they taste. I’ll bet either one would be lovely.
Chef L. December 14, 2013
Well, I ditched the recipe when I couldn't find mint oil. It was a chocolate candy. It also said no extracts or alcohol. I'll try to relocate it. (May have shredded it)!
nashama December 13, 2013
There is a big difference between the two. I have a brownie recipe that has a similar stipulation and it makes a difference! That said, the good news is that McCormick makes a pure mint extract that should be available at most large chain grocery stores. Hope that helps.
Maedl December 13, 2013
I suppose the recipe doesn’t include the Linnean name for the essential oil, does it? That’s the only way you could be sure you have the right plant and oil. As far as I can tell, your choices are peppermint, spearmint or bergamot. I have used both peppermint and spearmint--and bergamot via Earl Grey Tea. I’d just use the essential oil from whatever mint you like the best.
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