Substitute almond extract for Tuaca?

I've a cookie recipe calling for Tuaca. Could I use an equal amount of almond extract? Should I use less?



EmFraiche December 16, 2013
The recipe already called for vanilla, so I just left the tuaca out and added a little water to make up for the moisture. They turned out great even without the tuaca. Thanks!
Maedl December 16, 2013
Tuaca isf lavored with orange and vanilla, so toss in some vanilla extract.
EmFraiche December 16, 2013
Aah thank you! I don't know why I've always thought it was almond.
dymnyno December 16, 2013
Amaretto tastes like almonds.
dymnyno December 15, 2013
I don't think that Tuaca tastes like almond. It's more of an orange flavor.
Monita December 15, 2013
You should use less extract. If the recipe calls for 2 tbl Tuaca I would use just 1 teaspoon of extract
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