ugh my decor oven is acting up. Convection vs bake vs convection bake question

I've had it serviced before and the parts took a long time to come in. I normally only use the convection bake feature. Now at 350 (conv bake) it pr-heats well them temp drops to 250. Same with bake. I now am forced to use convection only. What temp should I set it for if directions call for a particular temp…25 or 50 degrees less? Thank you!!!! PS I'm also be making Anne Seranne's rib roast on Christmas.

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1 Comment

SeaJambon December 20, 2013
Rather than adjusting your temp, I prefer to adjust the cooking time. Reduce overall cooking time (at the recipe temp) by about 20%. This only works for "dumb" convection ovens. Many of the newer ovens (don't know if your Dacor is one or not) must have received too many complaints from folks who didn't know to adjust the cooking time and overcooked their items because they left them in too long -- so,to solve this "problem", the newer "smart" ovens automatically recalibrate the cooking temp when the convection feature is on. I this case you would set the temp to the original in the recipe and cook for the time stated in the recipe and the oven automatically makes the temp adjustment. These are the "smart" convections. Personally, I prefer the "dumb" ones because I really like being able to get a great result quicker, but that may just be me.
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