Tamale spices

I was given a bag of spices to make "authentic" tamales. It contains achiote, sesame, cumin and coriander seeds, pepitas, chiles, bay leaves and a few other things. Do I toast and grind them to season the meat, or use them to make a "broth" which I then add to the masa/shredded pork? Help!



Roger R. December 23, 2013
I would use 4 whole fresh tomatoes. the recipe doesn't specify measurements I have to apologize for that .
CookingMomTR December 21, 2013
Thanks so much for your advice. How many tomatoes would you suggest for one pork shoulder? Fresh or canned?
Roger R. December 21, 2013
slowly simmer pork shoulder in water with onion garlic salt pepper and bay leaf. toast seeds and spices. boil chiles and tomatoes chile guajillo and chile de arbol . in a blender mix chilies tomatoes and seeds with spices . pour sauce through strainer . mix sauce into cooked meat and heat through . this only makes the filling for the tamales . jerez Zacatecas style .
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