What to take for a family gathering a day away?

We're driving eight hours to a multi-day family gathering and the kitchen there will be in constant use feeding the hordes. I'd like to take a few snack-y things to contribute to stave off general hunger and thought of spiced nuts, cranberry cake. I would appreciate suggestions of things I can make here, will be forgiving of the trip and serve a crowd. No cookies, I beg ya!

  • Posted by: JadeTree
  • December 21, 2013


Chef L. December 22, 2013
Here's an easy savory snack that my parents (and now myself) have around when alcohol was served: 22 oz (2 bags)of oyster crackers, 1/4 tsp each dried dill, lemon pepper, garlic powder; 1 oz. Ranch Salad dressing mix; 1/2 Cup veg oil. Just toss and mix & store in an airtight container. I like to bake mine in a slow oven for awhile, but not required.
S December 22, 2013
Savory madeleines. Martha Stewart has a couple of recipes on her site. They would need to be wrapped well but will withstand the trip. If they get a little dry, lightly toasted or warmed in the oven with butter will rectify that.

Also, cheese straws. Echo lloreen's suggestion of fig and blue cheese "cookies." There are lots of recipes on line for blue cheese and nut (usually pecan or walnut) cocktail cookies.
lloreen December 21, 2013
In my family zucchini bread is traditional for Christmas. "My new favorite zucchini bread" looks like a nice contrast to all the sweet breads at Christmas and would be great toasted with butter.
lloreen December 21, 2013
Fig and blue cheese savories! They are a big hit and can easily be transported. You can serve them room temp and they have a lovely sweet and savory taste.
cratecooking December 21, 2013
Here's a recipe I've made for a nice seasonal cranberry quick bread, http://www.marthastewart.com/314213/cranberry-bread?czone=food%2Fbrunch-center%2Fbrunch-baked-sweets&gallery=275123&slide=314213¢er=276953. It's a nice change from a more traditional banana bread!
JadeTree December 21, 2013
Thanks, Susan. I'm avoiding anything that needs a cooler - I'll be able to buy good cheese and veg there so happily I don't have to take them on the trip. If you have any specific suggestions for quick bread that would be great!
cratecooking December 21, 2013
You'll need items that will be fine at room temperature (unless you pack a well-iced cooler). Crudites and dip would travel well if you pre-cut the vegetables, seal them in plastic bags, and pack them in a cooler. Quick breads travel well when wrapped with plastic. Hot pepper jelly is also very easy to make and can travel in sealed jam jars. Bring a box or two of water crackers and package of cream cheese or small wheel of brie (kept cool) and you'll have a fabulous appetizer.
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