I have some fennel I need to use up and I'm leaving on vacation in 2 days so my frige is not exactly stocked... creative ideas?

Vegan ideas preferred.

haley driscoll


Pegeen December 23, 2013
Freeze and use in soup stock.
LoosePanda December 23, 2013
Throw it into a pot with any other vegetables you have left and make vegetable broth. Use up all the fridge items and have a clean fridge for when you get home.
LeBec F. December 23, 2013
we love raw fennel, esp. when we travel- lightweight and refreshing. Otherwise, chop or slice and saute and freeze. you can make into soup or other when you return. To east before your trip, slice and put in salads; sautee and serve as a side dish; saute and use it as a bed under fish filets that you bake w/ or w/o tomatoey based sauce.
Declan December 22, 2013
Tomato Fennel soup ... and freeze it for when you get back.
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