I’m making a pineapple tamari sauce to serve with vegan meatballs for a vegan guest today. The r

The recipe used arrowroot to thicken but I don’t have any. Would you suggest flour, cornstarch or any other ideas?

  • Posted by: Dona
  • December 25, 2021


drbabs December 25, 2021
I’d use cornstarch, which you can substitute 1:1 for the arrowroot powder. In case the recipe doesn’t have you do this, whisk the cornstarch into liquid (you can use some of the sauce) really well before you add it to the rest of the sauce so you don’t get cornstarch clumps.
Dona December 25, 2021
Thank you!
This sauce smells wonderful, I’m using pineapple vinegar from Rancho Gordo. Great ingredient.
drbabs December 25, 2021
Sounds wonderful
Dona December 25, 2021
Thanks for your help. My two vegan guests loved it!
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