Do I use same measure of ingredients that recipe calls for if I want to make personal size versions of your carrot fennel pot pie?

I’m using the carrot fennel pot pie recipe from your vegan cookbook!

Tilita Lutterloh
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1 Comment

Nancy December 28, 2017
Rough estimates:
1) Use the same amount of filling...divided into individual portions & small baking dishes.
2a) Maybe make more pastry (say, total 1.5x), as the area of several individual pies may be greater than that of one large, which is usually cut in wedges. If you have leftover pastry, you can hold it in fridge or freezer for another use.
2b) Or use same amount of pastry, roll & cut in circles (even if smaller than your personal pie dishes, as needed). Bake these flat on a sheet pan. Then combine at last minute with baked filling in individual pots. Even if not exactly the same size as small pot, crust will be crisp and brown and add to texture contrast of eating the pie.
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