I have some thinly sliced apple peels to bake, and instructions say to bake at a low heat until dried. What temperature should I use?

  • Posted by: Jennifer
  • December 26, 2013


Pegeen December 27, 2013
Sorry, I missed the "low heat until dried" part. Must be sugar shock from Christmas. Sea Jambon's instructions are the way to go.
SeaJambon December 26, 2013
Baking and drying are two different things. If baking, go with Pegeen; if drying/dehydrating go with 180 degrees (if your oven will go that low) as the preferred temp for dehydrating/drying; 200 if that's the lowest your oven will go (for most modern ovens that's the lowest; also why a dehydrator is a separate machine). It will take several hours. Remember to "condition" them once dehydrated. Lots of good info about dehydrating on the internet.
Pegeen December 26, 2013
425 F. You'll want to preheat the oven. Check them at 20 minutes if they are thin slices. It could take 30 minutes. After the first 10 minutes, toss them and rotate the pan in the oven.
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