Can you freeze store bought Pesto into ice cubes for use at later dates? Also, can you list lots of uses for Pesto please, Apart from Pasta. I know a few but im sure im missing some, and my pesto always goes mouldy because I dont use it enough !



mrslarkin November 21, 2010
Yes! Definitely freezable. Another idea is to dollop some onto minestrone or vegetable soup. Also great on top of pizza margerita, or a caprese salad (tomato/mozzarella).
hardlikearmour November 21, 2010
kayb....yummmm. that sounds awesome! I have frozen small quantities of pesto before and it works well for me.
Kayb November 21, 2010
One of my favorite things to do with pesto is to mix it with ricotta cheese, spread it atop a flattened chicken breast, roll up, do the flour-egg wash-bread crumb thing, and then bake or fry. Wonderful with a marinara sauce!
Soozll November 21, 2010
I've heard the Food Network Chefs say to freeze it in 1 tablespoon measurements in an ice cube tray well wrapped with plastic wrap and foil. Once frozen, pop them out into a plastic container or freezer bag and use as needed.

You can use pesto in place of similar herbs called for in other sauce recipes. You can use it as a condiment in/on appetizers, drizzled on pizza, or garlic bread. You can drizzle in on tomato or other savory soups where it might pair well. .
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