Milk to use in making mozza?

At my local grocers, I can get 2 types of whole milk: standard and homogenized. Both are pasteurized. I would think it might be better to use the non-homo version. Has anyone tried both types? Comparison notes?



ehsny January 2, 2014
One of the best sources for cheese making knowledge is Ricki and her team at The New England Cheese Making Supply. This is a link to good milk sources.
Priscilla U. January 2, 2014
also; I should add... I've discovered that using commercially produced "organic" milk to make mozza is more volatile; it seems that the organic process may be over-pasturized, narrowing the degree of temperature tolerance even more...
Sylvia9000 January 2, 2014
Thanks for your thoughts! On the curd... The kindly folks at Make Cheese suggested to me that different brands (even different batches) of milk have variations in the pasteurization process. That some may reach a higher temp or be held at temp for longer resulting in more problematic curding.
Priscilla U. January 2, 2014
Hi - I've tried both versions, successfully. However, the pasteurization process narrows the degree of temperature tolerance in the homogenized milk for the curd development. I don't know the science, however I've experienced more "fails" with the homogenized than with the standard whole milk when making mozza.
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