In search of pattypan squash ideas...

My CSA box this week included three beautiful pattypan (also known as sunburst) squashes. I am looking for a simple recipe and am considering cutting in half and roasting in the oven with a bit of olive oil, salt and pepper - but I'd love to hear of some other ideas if you have any. Thanks!



Trena H. January 3, 2014
Christine - They make really pretty pickles. Can a pickle be pretty? In my household, yes! I've made a really gorgeous mixed pickle using pattypans, cauliflower, and carrots. For pickle recipes check out Linda Freidrich, she has some wonderful recipes.
Christine January 3, 2014
Thank you! I am going to try that tonight.
pierino January 3, 2014
I like to slice them thinly and horizontally so that they retain their interesting shape. After that I just saute them in olive oil and grate over some parmigano.
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