I made the recipe, Greek Inspired Zucchini Pancakes. Can I substitute goat cheese for feta?

I want to use a less salty cheese.



dymnyno October 25, 2011
I think this is my Greek Style Zucchini Pancakes. You could probably use any semi dry pebbly white cheese that could be mixed into the batter without being too soft and runny. I used Greek feta because of the tradition, the texture and because my recipe did not add any salt , the salt from the feta was enough.
JessicaBakes October 25, 2011
Hm...I had a lot of goat cheese when I was in Greece, so I know these flavors go well. If the feta is served on the side, I would say you can absolutely sub. However, if the feta is being used in the recipe, be careful...it's a much harder cheese and goat cheese would perform differently if being cooked.
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