yogurt mold

Hi, I made yogurt overnight in a yogotherm incubate. The yogurt smelled great and appeared firm. I proceeded to transfer it into a strainer to go greek. The yogurt separated close to the bottom of the container revealing a colony of pink/red mold and bleu cheez smell. What remains in the container, about 4 oz, is clearly spoiled, but what is in the strainer, about 28 oz, appears to be fine, without ostensible appearance of mold, and a healthy yogurt smell, and only a vague bleu cheez smell. Do I keep it and eat it, or dump it? Thanks!



ChefJune January 16, 2014
Please don't eat that!
HalfPint January 16, 2014
I generally dump any yogurt (any dairy really) that develops a blue cheesy smell and colors like black or red. I hate to waste, but the remaining 28 oz doesn't sound safe. Then clean and sterilize all your yogurt making equipment.
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