VanessaS, are you Brazilian? The corn in the US is absolutely different from the one we eat in Brazil, so I'm curious as how this tastes--does it...

...taste something like Brazilian pamonha? I don't like American corn: it tastes too sweet, strange. I tried to make (fresh) corn cake, like the ones I used to make in Brazil and it was a disaster... Just very curious how this tastes

Emilia Rosa
Recipe question for: Pamonha


Emilia R. January 27, 2014
I guess I didn't explain myself well enough. The corn I find in the US is completely different from the corn we eat in Brazil. I mentioned the fact that it is sweeter than its Brazilian only to stress the differences in taste. As I explained in my question, I once made another (Brazilian) recipe that calls for fresh corn and the result was horrible, nothing like what I used to eat in Brazil. Hence the question. But thank you very much for taking the time to try answer my question.
ATG117 January 27, 2014
in the review by AntoniaJames at the top of the recipe, it says the cake/custard is sweet--the recipe, after all, calls for sweetened condensed milk. You could try cutting the sweeteners back, but you might be better off finding a savory recipe.
Emilia R. September 21, 2019
I guess I didn't explain myself. I was not looking for a savory recipe. Pamonha is (very) sweet. I know because our maids used to make them for us when I was a kid. I wondered how the recipe "tasted" because Brazilian and American corn are diametrically different.
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