What to use instead of mirin and sesame oil

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Chef J. January 30, 2014
use hoison, lime juice, sweet soy mix, rice vinegar together with one table spoon of plum sake...makes a great sauce...even a little bean paste whipped in at the end can give it an extra flavor punch

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nancy E. January 29, 2014
Frankly, if you are going to substitute both of these in your recipes, be prepared for disappointment. Sesame oil is unique as is mirin, a mix of rice wine, vinigar and corn syrup.
Sandra January 29, 2014
mirin is just sugar sweetened vinegar. i use apple cider or plain rice vinegar and add sugar to sweeten a bit. for sesame oil, its hard to get that nutty flavor elsewhere, especially if its an asian dish. you could omit it or toast some sesame seeds and add as garnish. sesame oil is not used while cooking. if you want a sesame nutty flavor while cooking, perhaps add a little tahini?
HalfPint January 29, 2014
What are you making?
Pamela T. January 29, 2014
Unless you know what the person is making you really can't answer this question, and I agree with other substituting both, probably not a great outcome.
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