Thermapen Open Box sale!

If you've been drooling over a Thermapen, you'll never get one cheaper!

Diana B
  • Posted by: Diana B
  • January 31, 2014


Diana B. February 1, 2014
Ah, well, that's different then, Pegeen. I would really hate having a label directly on the Thermapen itself.
Pegeen February 1, 2014
p.s. Diana, just to explain, the label is on the box (not on the pen itself).
Pegeen February 1, 2014
I was concerned that one of my giftees might take offense - that they might interpret the label to mean it was a "used" item. They are returned items but they recalibrate them before they re-sell them. I've given them to family members and no one has ever had a problem. It's a good deal and everyone I know loves them.
Diana B. February 1, 2014
Interesting, Pegeen - all that verbiage at the link doesn't say anything about that, and it should. When you buy something as beautiful as a Thermapen, I think cosmetics do matter.
Pegeen February 1, 2014
I have purchased from this sale as gifts for a few years. One thing I would mention is that, while it comes in the original packaging and is "like new" with manual, etc., all of the ones I've purchased had a label on the box that indicates it was opened stock. You can't peel it off. Just mentioning that in case it matters to you if you're giving it as a gift. But yes, they're wonderful and it's a good deal!
sexyLAMBCHOPx February 1, 2014
Hardest decision is color! Thanks Diana B for the heads-up!
Adianne February 1, 2014
I love my thermopen . I use it so much. Good tool for serious cooks and bakers.
pierino January 31, 2014
Let me just add that, apart from my big bad knives, the Thermapen is perhaps the most valuable tool in my kitchen.
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