Used too much thyme in my split pea soup.

Is there a way to tone it down?

  • Posted by: julia
  • February 1, 2014


AntoniaJames February 2, 2014
I always put thyme in my split soup, along with a pinch of ground allspice and a tiny pinch of cloves. I've heard that's how the Dutch like it. I'd add those, along with a diced onion, sweated first. And some rich chicken stock. ;o)
ATG117 February 2, 2014
One other thought: a touch of cream may actually balance things out nicely.
ATG117 February 2, 2014
hmm, never saw a split pea soup with thyme. I would defrost some froxen peas, puree them with kosher salt, and a touch of olive oil, and add them to the soup. You might also try adding some fresh lemon juice, maybe even some lemon zest, depending on what else is in the soup. The problem, I think, with adding stock and cooking the soup down again, is that you would be re-concentrating the thyme flavor. I would also stay away from a pre made product after you've spent time making this from scratch.
Pegeen February 2, 2014
ATG, I like your frozen pea idea a lot. I agree that adding a pre-made product is not ideal after spending time on home-made and that's why I called it a "serious short-cut." But if you were really desperate it could solve the problem.
Pegeen February 1, 2014
If you add just some unsalted chicken or vegetable broth, and it tastes better but you are concerned it has thinned out too much, just simmer the soup on low heat for a little bit and some of the extra liquid will cook off. Pea soup will also get thicker if you reheat it.
Pegeen February 1, 2014
Do you have a link to the recipe? It's handy to see the other ingredients. But you could try diluting the soup with some unsalted chicken or vegetable broth - start with adding just a little, stir well and taste.

If you have a lot of time (no pun intended!) you could also cook a little more of your pea mixture to increase the quantity of soup and tone down the thyme.

If you don't have time for that, this is a serious shortcut but you could buy a can of ready-made pea soup (a good one), mix it with some unsalted chicken or vegetable broth, or water, and add that to the soup to dilute the thyme taste.
LeBec F. February 1, 2014
pegeen, you is one SMART cookie! out of all those options, something is bound to work for her.
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