What to use as a finishing touch in split pea soup instead of dry sherry?



SMSF April 2, 2020
I love a good squeeze of lemon in split pea soup. It tastes best when added to each bowl at serving time, and each person can add as much as they like or skip it. Bon appetit!
Coral L. April 2, 2020
As Nancy recommended below, a last hit of fat, salt, and/or acid are nice.

Fat could come in the form of: a dribble of cream, a slash of olive oil, a slash of *spiced* oil.

Salt could just be as simple as some flaky salt crystals, or crispy chewy croutons, or maybe some reserved chopped ham/bacon if in the soup!

Some lemon juice or white wine vinegar is nice for livening up flavors and keep a stewy thing fresh.
eastover90 April 2, 2020
Thanks for reply
Nancy April 1, 2020
Never heard of sherry, but sounds good.
Options -
Not required; just omit.
Another fortified wine.
Plain white wine (as on the recipe I use).
Something like only a tablespoon of good vinegar, lemon juice, amchur (sour mango powder) or sumac (ground spice).
eastover90 April 2, 2020
Thanks for reply
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