I have 2 boxes of whole foods 365 chicken stock in my fridge. They are between 3 and 7 weeks old. are they ok to use if I cook them into a split pea soup for an hour or so?



Ophelia September 28, 2010
I would suggest that in the future when you open a new box of broth you write on the top what day you opened it and what day it needs to be used by. There's usually a note on the packaging about how long the broth lasts refrigerated after opening, which is generally 7-14 days.
Gale September 27, 2010
I am guessing they are opened (otherwise why are they in refrigerator) - dump 'em after that long for sure.
phyllis September 27, 2010
I generally keep for about two weeks, but won't use unless I boil it.
Amanda H. September 26, 2010
I'm revising my answer. I wouldn't use an opened box past 1 week, and I agree with SueonFood that you should boil it after 4 days.
SueonFood September 26, 2010
You didn't say if they were open. I'm guessing they are. DON'T use them. I wouldn't keep open boxed chicken stock more than 4 days, if THAT, without boiling it. You can always freeze the extras in ice cube trays or small containers. If they're not open, you should be fine.
Amanda H. September 26, 2010
They've been opened right? I wouldn't use them after 2 weeks.
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