Has anyone tried grilling the recipe for Korean Fried Chicken Wings?

I am so not up to getting out the fry oil, I hate the way it reeks up my house and we're trying to cut out the fried foods anyways! Has anyone done these up on the grill? If so, how did they turn out? Anything you would recommend? I'm excited to try these!



Patti I. October 16, 2012
Crystal is made in Louisiana and is always available on the Gulf Coast. http://www.crystalhotsauce.com (They have an area on their website for you to find out if it is in your area. ) Another brand that is similar is Louisiana Hot Sauce. I don't brine mine but this is one of my go to dishes for cocktail parties. (With homemade bleu cheese dressing)

You have to watch them closely when they are on the grill because they can burn! Not easy with a baby. I keep my timer hanging around my neck if I have to leave the grill so I don't get too distracted.
darksideofthespoon October 15, 2012
Thanks everyone!

Patti, we love grilled wings too! We usually just do a Cajun rub though this time I wanted to try something different. I live in Canada and have never seen Crystal hot sauce before, I'll have to look for that.

Well, I used the glaze and grilled 'em. They were really good - except I left them unattended and burnt 7-8 (out of 20) quite badly. I ate the burnt ones (thank goodness I used brined wings, so they were still juicy!) and gave hubby the perfectly cooked ones. I tried one of his and they were delish! I'm going to try this recipe that way again, though maybe this time I'll pay better attention to them while they cook. (Using the BBQ while looking after a baby is hard! Jeeze.)
Patti I. October 15, 2012
I grill chicken wings all of the time and they turn out great. My usual recipe is marinating them in Crystal Hot Sauce for 2 hours or overnight. (Crystal is a delicious but rather mild hot sauce.) Then grill over medium heat, turning frequently until crisp. About 20 minutes. The sauce in the recipe sounds delicious and I would bet it would taste great on these.
Kristen M. October 15, 2012
I've roasted chicken wings before and they come out pretty crispy from all their own great fat and skin -- might be a good alternative.
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