What's the difference between crystallized ginger and (uncrystallized) candied ginger?



aargersi December 14, 2010
If you can't find a good version locally, you can order it from the Ginger People - and as a bonus the package comes with an awesome cookie recipe on the back!
AntoniaJames December 14, 2010
It depends a lot of who's packaged and sold it, how fresh it is, etc.. I've seen so much variation in the hardness, sweetness, etc. of all kinds of ginger labelled variously (and dubiously, she said somewhat critically) as crystallized, candied, etc. ginger. Most crystallized ginger that I get is fairly soft and slightly gummy, but very juicy and almost as hot/spicy as fresh, but then, I'm lucky to get good stuff from a great vendor. ;o)
Lizthechef December 14, 2010
Boy, I think the only difference is rolling the candied ginger in sugar and calling it "crystallized"...
aargersi December 14, 2010
Nope I am wrong! crystallized ginger is first dried then coated in sugar, candied ginger is poached in simple sugar then coated in sugar. I still use them interchangeably :-)
aargersi December 14, 2010
I think they are the same thing - I have bought it labeled both ways and used it interchangeably ...
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