am looking at these preserved lemons and wondering if I should cut the whole lemon up and add? Also, it's so soft, I can't quite see how to remove...

... the zest (peel) not to mention the white pit

sarah patton


Maedl February 13, 2014
That is one of my favorite combinations--which is saying a lto because chicken isn't a great favorite of mine.
sarah P. February 13, 2014
Thank you. I ended up adding part of the two small preserved lemons listed in the recipe and I think that works. The flavor is strong but tasty.
Maedl February 13, 2014
Most recipes tell you to remove the inside of the lemon, but I do not. I chop it up and throw it in along with the rest of the lemon.
HalfPint February 13, 2014
I was taught to just remove the membrane and use the rind. The pith after preservation is not bitter. Chop up the entire rind and add to your dish. I've also seen recipes that instruct to cut up the whole thing and add to the dish. I don't think it really matters. You are not supposed to remove just the zest. The whole thing is edible and very flavorful. Although, I've never seen a recipe that calls for a whole lemon for one dish. 2-3 segments are usually sufficient. It is really salty.
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