What is your favorite way to use almonds?

Almonds are awesome -- how do you eat them?

Catherine Lamb


amysarah February 18, 2014
All of the above, plus in biscotti (or their cousin, Mandel Brot,) all sorts of other baked items...but one of my favorite almond-related things is Romesco Sauce, served with fish, shrimp and grilled vegetables (especially scallions) - this is Jose Andres' recipe, but there are endless variations: http://www.spanishsuitcase.com/features/recipes/receta-jose-andres-romesco/
savorthis February 18, 2014
Romesco, yes!
amysarah February 18, 2014
I agree - on anything! (I'll be in Barcelona in April, and am already dreaming of Romesco ;)
AntoniaJames February 18, 2014
Almond milk (I make two batches a week and use it every day).

Toasted almond and lemon risotto (recipe posted here).

In dukkah, sometimes instead of, sometimes combined with, pepitas.

In my own korma spice/nut blend -- perfect for quick weeknight vegan dinners!

Like HalfPint, dry roasted and unsalted (thank you very much, TJ's), by the tiny handful (8 or so).

Toasted, coarsely chopped and stirred into dark chocolate sauce using Alice Medrich not-a-recipe technique, to top all kinds of desserts.

Toasted, coarsely chopped with homemade (spiced) preserved lemon and parsley for a gremolata topping on
roasted vegetables,
stirred into quinoa or farro salads,
to top crostini for drop-in guests, or
to top vegan pureed vegetable soups.

With or instead of pecans in Nekisia Davis' Olive Oil Granola.

Tossed in Worcestershire sauce and then with finely chopped just picked rosemary and thyme, and then toasted with "Redmond Real" salt as a garnish for salads, or to serve as pre-dinner nibbles at parties.

I could go on and on, as you probably have already guessed. ;o)
Catherine L. February 18, 2014
That dish sounds incredible!
savorthis February 18, 2014
I made a quicker version of it here: http://food52.com/recipes/26695-b-steeya-in-phyllo-cups which I thought was really good. Not as impressive maybe as the whole pie, but a decent stand in for the more complicated version.
savorthis February 18, 2014
Agree on the toasting AND the salad. I almost always have a bag of sliced almonds on hand to throw into salads or toss with some sort of whole grain (usually with a roasted sweet potato, herbs and greens). I recently revisited the chicken b'steeya too which layers sweetened cinnamon almonds with chicken and egg in a crispy phyllo wrap. Always an exciting dish for me. I also like to grind them and stir them into soups or stews as a thickener.
HalfPint February 18, 2014
Some of my favorite uses for almonds, always lightly toasted:

-in a salad with blue cheese, goat cheese, and fruit.
-sauteed with butter and dried herbs. great snacking/appetizer food.
-dry roasted, but unsalted. by handful.
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