What's a good substitute for the bacon? I'd love a vegetarian version of ramen.

Mushroom Ramen
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savorthis March 3, 2014
I found that a combo of fresh mushrooms, dried mushrooms and some onion/leeks work well to deepen a mushroom broth (http://food52.com/recipes/20662-mushroom-broth-with-smoked-eggplant-dumplings) and during Meatless March I once added a teabag or two of lapsang souchong tea to some broth in lieu of bonito flakes. It added a nice smokiness and a bit more depth.
Sam1148 March 2, 2014
Can you eat fish? A Japaneese market will sell frozen eel that's been grilled in a sauce. The same Unagi type eel you get for sushi.
You remove the skin by pulling it off--it's been cooked so the skin comes off nicely. Then brush it again with sugar, ginger, soy sauce mix that's been cooked down and broil until crisp. Cut it up in little strips.
Sandra A. March 2, 2014


you can probably do without the chicken bits.


petitbleu February 23, 2014
Dried mushrooms and shoyu are right on the money. Both of those ingredients add tons of umami. Sounds like you're on the right track. Maybe even try adding a little miso.
Windischgirl February 23, 2014
Hmmm, that's a thought and I'll have to try it. I don't necessarily need to have the smoky flavor but do want the deep umami that bacon gives. I'm thinking maybe some dried mushrooms and shoyu?
Kazugi February 23, 2014
Maybe smoked tempeh bacon.....
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