It's easier for me to get fresh shiitake rather than dried. How much fresh should I use? Is dried really preferable?

  • Posted by: JadeTree
  • February 24, 2014


savorthis March 3, 2014
When I use fresh I usually will saute or roast them to reduce the liquid and increase the flavor though I try to always have dried on hand.
JadeTree March 3, 2014
Thanks! Glad to know I can whip them up with fresh in case I can't get out to the store that sells the dried version.
gelikatesse March 3, 2014
I used fresh too and it worked great!
nancy E. February 24, 2014
It is my opinion that the reasons for using dried are twofold. Firstly dried are usually in the pantry and easily accessible, second, when soaking your mushrooms, you get a flavourful liquid to put back into the dish. In using fresh, the liquid is in the mushroom itself so I cannot see a problem with replacing fresh for dried. Go for it.
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